Robin Radin is a Boston based photographer whose career as an exhibiting artist and educator has spanned forty years. 
She received her B.F.A. from Tufts University and the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts in 1983, and her M.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art in 1992. Her photographs have been exhibited and published nationally. 
"For over forty years I have photographed both the cultural and natural landscape of my neighborhood in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. My work draws inspiration from the vibrant, diverse street life and from the brilliance in the landscapes of Franklin Park, Jamaica Pond, Arnold Arboretum, and the Emerald Necklace parklands.
With my landscape work, I seek to elicit the beauty in settings that might otherwise seem ordinary. In particular, my photographs aim to reveal how urban wilds and parklands can unexpectedly evoke a human presence. The landscape has the power to heighten my awareness, simultaneously allowing me to reach deep within myself and also to project outward my inner feeling into the captured image. These photographs are my paean to the quiet grace that emanates from these treasured places.
My street photographs and portraits are made throughout Jamaica Plain. I photograph people within their neighborhoods by observing their relationships with family, neighbors, and the immediate environment. My work examines the intricacies of human relations: a visual acknowledgement that we are both together as community and family, and alone, as individuals. My images capture quiet, introspective moments that occur in the midst of the kinetic rhythms of urban life." 
— Robin Radin

Radin’s work has been reproduced in numerous exhibition catalogues and has been reviewed in a variety of newspapers and magazines, including The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Art New England, The Bay State Banner, The Chicago Reader, and The Woodstock Times. Twice her work has been featured on the Boston Neighborhood Network News cable TV program as well as on a WBZ (CBS) special about Jamaica Plain Open Studios. 
Not only has Radin exhibited annually in Jamaica Plain Open Studios since its inception thirty years ago, she has also served on the board of The Jamaica Plain Arts Council for twenty years, and she administers the fundraising efforts for that organization. 
Radin is a 2003 recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Grant in Photography and in 2019 she was honored with The Fay Chandler Best Artist Over Fifty Award at Boston City Hall.
Radin’s work has been presented in over fifty venues, some of which include:
• The Danforth Museum of Art-Framingham, MA
• The Boston Public Library
• The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
• The Griffin Art Museum-Winchester, MA
• The Institute of Contemporary Art-Boston, MA
• The Cambridge Art Association-Cambridge, MA
• Bunker Hill Community College-Boston, MA
• The Photographic Resource Center- Cambridge, MA
• The Aidekman Art Center at Tufts University-Medford, MA
• The Center For Photography-Woodstock, NY
• The Museum of Anthropology-California State University
• The Print Club-Philadelphia, PA
• Museum of Fine Arts-Florida State University
• The Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts-Racine, WI
• South Shore Art Center-Cohasset, MA
• Nexus Contemporary Art Center-Atlanta, GA
• The Dean’s Gallery at Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Cambridge, MA
• Texas Woman’s University-Denton, TX
• Fort Scott Community College-Fort Scott, KS
• The Garvey Art Center at Friends University-Wichita, KS.
• In 2010, in collaboration with writer Lynne Anderson, her photographs were included in the University of California Press book Breaking Bread: Recipes and Stories From Immigrant Kitchens,
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